Lesson Plans for Teachers

September 2017. Are you a teacher seeking a fresh way to teach writing to students of all ages? I want to help you. I’ve created two suites of lessons plans to accompany Sin and Syntax. They are envisioned to take you through two separate semester-long courses. The first of the two semester-long courses based on Sin and Syntax focuses on grammar and writing. It is suitable for high school, college, and professional-level students. (For a taste of the lesson plans, see this page.) You may use, adapt, append, or amend my lesson plans, but please remember that the materials are copyrighted. The second suite focuses more on the "Music" section of Sin and Syntax, encouraging writers to explore their own voices and to experiment with literary devices like metaphor, melody, and rhythm. If you would like the full lesson plans that correspond with either or both of these courses, please email me (see the Contact link below, right). And let me know if you'd like to join my “Miss Thistlebottom? NOT!” mailing list, which is made up of teachers from Kigali, Rwanda, to King County, Washington. I send out occasional dispatches and try to alert teachers to new and relevant posts. There are also posts in "Talking School," the teacher’s area of this Web site. Enjoy! Keep doing the wonderful work you do in teaching writing! With all my respect, Connie