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The word berry comes from the Old English berie, which originally meant “grape.” According to, the berry family is not a botanical category but rather a linguistic invention particular to Germanic languages like English. (Languages like Spanish and French, do not link all these yummy little fruits with a similar name, but rather have  distinct words for blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. (In French, those would be mûres, framboises, myrtilles, and fraises.) Here is a running list of berries culled from classes and workshops. We have not included berries (like Currants) that do not contain the root berry. Please add more, if you have them, in the comments section. I can’t promise to send you a gold star if you do. How about a virtual gooseberry?

Açaí berry Alkekengi * Appleberry Aronia berry Baneberry** Barberry Bayberry Bearberry Bilberry Blackberry Bloodberry** Blueberry Boysenberry Brambleberry Buffaloberry Bunchberry Camu camu berry Checkerberry Chehalem berry Chokeberry Cloudberry Conkerberry Cowberry Cranberry Crowberry Csejka berry Daphne berry** Deerberry Dewberry Dog berry Elderberry Emu berry Farkleberry Foxberry Goji berry Gooseberry Ground berry Hackberry Holly berry** Honeyberry Houndberry* Huckleberry Inkberry** Ivy berry** Juneberry Juniper berry Knoutberry Lingonberry Loganberry Jostaberry Marionberry Mede berry Mistletoe berry** Mulberry Nana-berry* Nannyberry Olallieberry Partridgeberry Phenomenal berry Pigeonberry** Poisonberry** Pokeberry** Privet berry** Quailberry Raspberry Redberry Riberry Rockberry Rowan berry Salal berry Salmonberry Santiam berry Sarvisberry Saskatoonberry Scarlet berry** Seaberry Seabuckthorn berry Serviceberry Shadberry Shallon berry Sheepberry Snakeberry** Snowberry** Sparkleberry Spiceberry Strawberry Squawberry Sugarberry Tayberry Teaberry Thimbleberry Two-eyed berry Ugniberry Whortleberry Wineberry* Wolfberry Yew berry** Youngberry

* “Alkekengi” is a Chinese lantern berry; “Nana-berry” is another name for the Searsia dentata shrub or small tree. Note that “Wineberry” suggests the Old English “winberige,” which includes a variation of the word for grape, but according to Wikipedia, it is actually a different fruit, an Asian species of raspberry (also called “Japanese wineberry,” “wine raspberry,” and “dewberry”).

** Warning! These berries are toxic to humans.


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