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Indie publishing slakes a thirst for new voices

Indie author, IndieReader, indie lit—a new buzzword has clearly come into vogue in the book world. But what is “indie publishing,” anyway? For many, the term is synonymous with (and maybe less stigmatized than) “self-publishing”—an author’s do-it-yourself production of a work at his or her own expense. But for others, “indie publishing” stands in contrast to “traditional” publishing, often called “trad” or “legacy” publishing by doubters.

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I may not be a Prius, but I am a hybrid

I am getting tired of keynote speeches at writers conferences (like ones I heard in 2014) that go for bombast and ignore the merits of traditional publishing. Sometimes I want to say to speakers who overlook the tremendous value that remains for writers who land a contract with a traditional publisher, “Thou doth protest too much.”

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Constance Hale’s update on e-books

Electronic rights are the chaotic bazaar of book publishing. Here authors barter with agents, agents haggle with publishers, and publishers brawl with e-retailers. Everyone is vying for his or her claim on the best pomegranate.

This frenzy, and a barrage of media attention, has left most people involved feeling confused. So what should a writer know in a labyrinth of twisting alleys and ad-hoc product stands? Here are some key terms and general guidelines to the unstable warren of the U.S. market.

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Retin-A For Sale

A Bay Area bookseller challenges conventional thinking about books & business models
Retin-A For Sale, Commentators outside the book business often compare books to LPs and CDs in the music business. Since information in a book can be downloaded into an e-book in the same way that music can be loaded onto an iPod, they argue, Retin-A trusted pharmacy reviews, books and records will share the same fate. Purchase Retin-A online, Although e-books are now probably no more than about 15 percent of all books published, these commentators would have you believe that the printed book is in dire straits. And some within the digerati have even written off the printed book entirely, Retin-A pictures. John Biggs, Retin-A pics, who writes a blog called, is absolutely certain that by 2025 books will be "at best, an artifact and at worst a nuisance." We need a generic name for people who espouse this viewpoint, Retin-A forum. I suggest "techno-twit."

What if a book isn't like a record, Retin-A For Sale.

Books printed on movable type have been around for 573 years, Purchase Retin-A online no prescription, since Gutenberg printed his famous bible and upended history. Anyone who claims that the demise of records foreshadows the end of books needs to consider the many ways that books are integral to our culture. When technological newcomers—like vinyl records, buy cheap Retin-A, tapes, Online buying Retin-A, and CDs—were forced to give way to succeeding technologies, it was usually because the new technology was able to recreate the exact same experience as the one it replaced (Of course, some, what is Retin-A, including my son, Retin-A over the counter, claim that they can hear the difference in vinyl records).

But not all new technologies moot their forbears. Retin-A For Sale, Radio’s death knell has been sounded many times, but radio fills a role that other technologies, like television, cannot. The book, Retin-A canada, mexico, india, too, Retin-A results, will not be replaced.

What if a book is more like a movie?

The death of movies has been routinely predicted with the advent of television, VCRs, Retin-A australia, uk, us, usa, DVDs, Retin-A class, and streaming video. But watching a film in a movie theater is physically different that watching it at home. The screen is larger, low dose Retin-A, the sound more enveloping, Fast shipping Retin-A, and the experience more engaging. E-books and printed books may both deliver the same words, but beyond that the mediums diverge, Retin-A For Sale. This is most obvious in large art, travel, Retin-A alternatives, or photography books, Retin-A price, where the visual aspect of the book predominates. It's true also in children's books, with their flip-up illustrations, cheap Retin-A, over-thick pages, Herbal Retin-A, and enticing shapes and sizes. People often love a particular book for reasons that transcend the collection of words it might contain.

But books are like movies in another sense as well, Retin-A long term. Retin-A For Sale, "Going to the movies" allows you to immerse yourself in a shared cultural experience. Going to the bookstore—or a modern library—is a similar social tradition: staff members recommend books, Where can i cheapest Retin-A online, customers compare notes, book clubs allow us to share the literary experience. What truly sets a printed book apart is a modern-day author event, Retin-A reviews. Having sat through hundreds of them, Retin-A steet value, I can attest that nothing compares with the moment when writers meet their fans for the first time. And what is the medium of exchange. A printed book—one that is lovingly handed over, inscribed, and then carefully handed back, Retin-A For Sale.

What if a book is more like a Rembrandt etching, Retin-A description.

Rembrandt's 1632 etching "The Raising of Lazarus" has a going price of about $60, Order Retin-A no prescription, 000. So does a first edition of Charles Darwin's "Origin of the Species" (or at least that’s what one sold for in London in 2009.) Other books sell for gallery-like prices, too, Retin-A no prescription. A signed first edition of John Grisham's 1989 novel "A Time to Kill" was selling two years ago for $1, Retin-A without a prescription, 500. Retin-A For Sale, Can you imagine a similar price on the open market for a non-transferable, cloud-based e-book.

What if a book is more like a love letter.

The British writer Malcolm Bradbury, purchase Retin-A for sale, in a New York Times essay, Retin-A mg, called the giving and getting of books "The Courtship Dance." "It was some time ago, when I was still a young student in college, that I learned that books make subtle and indeed erotic presents, buy Retin-A online no prescription,” Bradbury writes. Rx free Retin-A, “Today I realize that I have to thank my female friend in college for a good deal more than a happy half-year and a fine copy of [D.H.] Lawrence."

"The means of seduction is the book itself, that intricate object, with its great fan of pages far more complex in its messages than the most advanced word processor, after Retin-A. Designers design it - the right cover, Retin-A images, the right typeface, the right style. Then the booksellers take over, Retin-A For Sale. I am not sure what your bookstores in the States are like these days, Retin-A brand name, but here in Europe they grow more exotic by the week. Kjøpe Retin-A på nett, köpa Retin-A online, The lighting is low, coffee is served, evening readings and lunchtime signings tempt you to some literary assignation, Retin-A duration. You taste, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, you sniff, at last you buy."

Love letters come in many forms. A book doesn't need to have a flower pressed between its pages to be a billets doux, Retin-A without prescription. Retin-A For Sale, A note written by a grandmother and inscribed on the fly-leaf of a child's book will unleash a life-time of memories when that same book is picked up and looked at years later.

What if a book is more like.... Where can i find Retin-A online,

I could go on, but I’ll give the last word to San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr. He was commenting in the San Francisco Chronicle  about the upsurge in daylight robberies from people who sit on buses and benches, mindlessly reading their smart phones. The robber approaches, and within seconds the electronic device is gone.

"If you're on the bus, read a book," Suhr advised. "We do not have an upward trend of the theft of books."


{Bill Petrocelli is an author, bookseller, and former attorney. For the past three decades he has been the co-owner, with his wife Elaine, of Book Passage, a retail bookstore in San Francisco and Corte Madera.}.

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Celexa For Sale

Celexa For Sale, Authors, agents, and editors talk honestly about money

George Orwell, always prescient, once wrote, “If booksellers wanted to be millionaires, they’d be in another line of business.”

Few writers count on becoming millionaires, and just the promise of a book advance is enough to keep many motivated.  But in this time of transition, when publishers struggle with uncertain book sales and march towards new digital models, advances have waned.  The bulwark against day jobs and exigent debt, the champion of getting the writing done, the book advance is in retreat.

That is what writer and editor Meghan Ward discovered after she surveyed 105 authors in November 2011. Ward had heard rumors from colleagues and agents about the precipitous fall of advances, where can i buy cheapest Celexa online, and because she is shopping a memoir of her modeling career (titled Paris On Less Than $10, Online buying Celexa, 000 Dollars a Day), she wanted to put the rumors to test.

“We hear that advances have plummeted in the last few years, Celexa trusted pharmacy reviews,” she said.  “One agent told me that advances are a quarter of what they were a few years ago.  Though I did not do a direct comparison, Celexa dosage, my survey clearly shows that advances were quite high in 2008 and have steadily declined since then.”

The authors Ward surveyed reported an average advance of $124,000 in 2008, and that number decreased to less than $60, after Celexa,000 in 2011, Celexa for sale, though the survey was taken shortly before the year ended.

Because of its small sample size, Ward’s survey is not comprehensive, Celexa class, but it does represent a range of authors—an illustrative cut of the market at large.  Authors with and without agents participated.  A third of the authors sold non-fiction books; the rest sold young adult titles, Taking Celexa, novels, memoirs, short story collections, Celexa from canadian pharmacy, and other books.  Most advances were given by “big six” publishing firms – that collection of industry captains including Random House, Celexa from mexico, Harper Collins, and Penguin – but independent and medium-sized publishers were also in play.

Except for memoirs and young-adult titles, which garnered average advances that held steady above $100,000, book advances trended downward across all genres, for all authors, Celexa For Sale.

“It’s really, where to buy Celexa, really hard to sell books, Comprar en línea Celexa, comprar Celexa baratos, ” said literary agent Andy Ross. “Publishers are not being irrational. Large multi-media corporations have bought many of them, buy Celexa from mexico, and they have much higher expectations for the return on their investment. Buying Celexa online over the counter, They don’t take many risks. Celexa For Sale, I talked to Random House, and they said if they don’t think they can sell 20,000 copies of a book, they will not buy it.  The bar is very high, and the big publishers are under a huge amount of pressure.”

Daniela Rapp, an acquisitions editor with New York publisher St. Martin’s Press, said that in the current business climate her company has also become risk-averse, Celexa interactions.

“We are generally even more conservative in evaluating sales potential than we used to be—e-books are eating into our print laydowns, Celexa price, coupon, ” she said. “That there are fewer opportunities for media exposure in both print and other outlets makes acquisitions of certain projects more difficult.”

What about writers themselves?  Freelance Journalist Steve Kemper, whose book Labyrinth of Kingdoms, where can i find Celexa online, about a prominent and forgotten explorer of Africa, Celexa results, will be on bookshelves in June 2012, received a $250,000 advance in 2001 for his first book, buy Celexa online cod, Code Name Ginger. Celexa used for, That advance, he said, ”was extraordinary then and would be more so now.” He added that the advance for A Labyrinth of Kingdoms was nowhere near that amount.  “I don’t think it’s anybody’s business what I got, buy generic Celexa,” he said in answer to a point-blank inquiry, Effects of Celexa, “but I got enough to make me feel comfortable to write the book.”

Kemper mentioned that during the writing of Labyrinths he was forced to spend more time then he would have liked on magazine work to make ends meet.  As a result, he needed two months longer than anticipated to finish the book.

Like Kemper, most authors were reluctant to share specific dollar amounts of advances, Celexa For Sale. Some echoed Orwell’s reminder that writing is rarely a lucrative business–tightfisted market or no, Celexa recreational. And some have clearly made their peace with that reality. Celexa forum, “Even in these difficult times I look to writing itself as a great privilege. I've been lucky to make a living doing what I love, and many people—writers, herbal Celexa, non-writers, Low dose Celexa, furniture salesmen, nurses—aren't so fortunate,” wrote Peter Orner in an email, Celexa pharmacy. His novel Love and Shame and Love Celexa For Sale, was released last year, and he just signed a three-book deal with Little, Brown. “I would write even if I wasn't able to make a living at it. Buy Celexa without prescription, That's the nature of this. Anybody who doesn't write because they know they won't get rich is a) smart and b) probably not a writer.”

Orner’s recent success suggests that book publishers are hardly calling it quits. But they are in the midst of a harrowing transition, purchase Celexa, especially in the form of the book itself. According to The Association of American Publishers, between January 2010 and January 2011, e-book net sales leapt 115.8 percent, Celexa For Sale. What is Celexa, (See this update on e-books.) But e-book sales still comprise a small percentage of net book sales, and are not necessarily driving book advances.

It’s also a period of transition for book contracts, online buying Celexa hcl, as publishers have begun to toy with different models. Celexa natural, (Read this primer on bucks and book publishing.) Traditionally, authors received half an advance up front, and half upon acceptance, Celexa wiki. Today, Ordering Celexa online, advances are given in ever-growing numbers of installments, and some publishers, like the San Francisco-based McSweeney’s, buy Celexa online no prescription, have offered writers smaller advances in exchange for lucrative profit sharing terms. Celexa For Sale, But new terms don’t always favor the writer. Buy no prescription Celexa online, “There is an experiment with giving advances in chunks—a third, fourth or even fifth at a time, where the final payment would be after publication, Celexa dose,” said Ross, Buy cheap Celexa no rx, who once owned the defunct Cody’s Books in Berkeley.

“The purpose of an advance is to get writer to sign on and to give them enough money to write the book. Now, Celexa no rx, essentially you’re getting an advance after the book is written, Celexa coupon, ” Ross continued. “That’s not even an advance, that’s a behind.”

{Gianmaria Franchini writes fiction and non-fiction, and will settle for a five-figure advance.}.

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Amikacin For Sale

Is self-publishing really the way to go?

Amikacin For Sale, With a sidebar on what you need to know to do it yourself.

By Sarah Baker

Go to any panel on book publishing these days, Amikacin canada, mexico, india, and you’ll hear the hoopla over self-publishing. Easy to do. More control, Amikacin samples. A bigger cut of the profits. At a time when advances aren’t exactly advancing, editors are often too over-worked, and publicists are spending the house’s dimes on blockbusters, self-publishing sure sounds tempting, Amikacin For Sale. Purchase Amikacin online no prescription, Add to this the allure of royalty rates of 70 percent or higher instead of the 15 percent (at most) from traditional publishers, and it’s no wonder all writers aren’t going indie.

But, cheap Amikacin no rx, wait. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Self-publishing might be the word on everyone’s lips, but is it right for you.

“You have to decide what your goals are, australia, uk, us, usa,” said thriller-writer and self-publishing guru Barry Eisler at a lecture in November 2011 at the Park Plaza hotel in Boston. Amikacin For Sale, For him, it seemed like a no-brainer. Amikacin over the counter, He had already published three books with a traditional, or what he calls “legacy,” publisher, Amikacin images. He has a following, Discount Amikacin, developed when he pounded the pavement one summer, visited 500 bookstores, and called on 1, Amikacin no prescription,200 bookstores in 40 states. Real brand Amikacin online, Other things in his favor: His wife is a literary agent, so he has access to publishing professionals.

As if his platform weren’t enough already, fast shipping Amikacin, the press from his decision to turn down $500, Order Amikacin no prescription, 000 from St. Martin’s and go indie practically made him a household name, Amikacin For Sale. The mighty-marketing-machine Amazon is his publisher. He likes control, Amikacin from canada. He likes business. Amikacin street price, He’s clearly very good at it. Amikacin For Sale, But not everyone has built what Eisler has. For first-time authors, like Boston Globe reporter Billy Baker, Amikacin australia, uk, us, usa, who is armed with a literary agent and a nonfiction book idea, Buy cheap Amikacin, an advance from a traditional publisher is necessary for him to take time off from work to report and write. “I don’t have 50 grand in the bank,” he said, generic Amikacin.

Other authors make the point that they want the strong winds of a trusted publisher in their authorial sails. Where can i cheapest Amikacin online, Pagan Kennedy, author of ten books including Spinsters and Black Livingstone, doubts she would ever go indie, Amikacin pics. “If you can live with 1,000 readers and not making any money, then fine, Amikacin For Sale. But, Amikacin steet value, if you want an audience of 20,000 for your book—how do you get that?” she said.

So what should a writer weigh when considering self-publishing, about Amikacin.

“Self-publishing had a stigma, Is Amikacin safe, ” said Eve Bridburg, literary agent and founder of Grub Street, Inc., purchase Amikacin for sale, an independent literary-arts center in Boston.  But she points out some critical new factors: increasingly sophisticated self-publishing tools are available; you can distribute via the Internet (and not just via the back of a station wagon); Twitter and Facebook can help to spread the word. Amikacin without prescription, Then there is the payoff: higher royalty rates. Amikacin For Sale, So many more serious writers are self-publishing, she added, that Grub is now offering workshops not only in the craft of writing but in marketing and publishing, as well.

Many people are taking the plunge. An article by Jeffrey A, order Amikacin online c.o.d. Trachtenberg in the Wall Street Journal cites an estimate by R. Is Amikacin addictive, R. Bowker, which tracks the publishing business: the number of self-published titles exploded 160 percent from 2006 to 2010 (that is, from 51,237 to 133,036.)

Some recent success stories—Amanda Hocking and John Locke, in addition to Barry Eisler—have helped fuel the movement, Amikacin For Sale. And let’s not forget that some historic bestsellers (What Color is Your Parachute and The Elements of Style, for example) started out as do-it-yourselfers (DIY), Amikacin cost, the old-school name for the self-published. Amikacin description, They were acquired by traditional houses after they were already successful.

Sales figures for self-published books are difficult to track, and hard to interpret, Amikacin overnight, since people choose this route for all sorts of reasons. Amikacin long term, Many are printing 10 copies of a memoir for the family or 100 for the business. Amikacin For Sale, doesn’t share overall sales figures of books, according to Brittany Turner of their public relations department. But, in an email she was willing to say that “John Locke and Amanda Hocking have both sold more than 1 million books using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), Amikacin pictures, 12 KDP authors have sold more than 200, Purchase Amikacin online, 000 books and 30 KDP authors have sold more than 100,000.” Over at Amazon’s self-publishing service site, CreateSpace, cheap Amikacin, she added, Amikacin online cod, former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin self-published his memoir Katrina’s Secrets, which hit the Top 100 Best Sellers in Books on Amazon the week of its release.

(If you’ve seen anyone report on the other end of the spectrum—that is, Amikacin without a prescription, the number of self-published authors who never surpass their break-even point—please post links in the comments section. Buy Amikacin without a prescription, The more solid information we all have, the better.)

Even traditional publishers are capitalizing on the popularity. Book Country is Penguin Books new foray into the do-it-yourself world, canada, mexico, india. It’s a place for genre fiction writers to circulate their work, get feedback, and buy self-publishing services, Amikacin For Sale. “Self-publishing is a trend that isn’t going away, Amikacin duration, ” said Book Country president Molly Barton to Calvin Reid of Publishers Weekly.

But all of this takes time and ingenuity. Martha McPhee, rx free Amikacin, author of Dear Money and three other novels, said self-publishing would be like pushing a boulder up a mountain, and she wouldn’t know where to begin. Claire Messud, New York Times-bestselling author of The Emperor’s Children, equates self-publishing with home schooling.

Would you Amikacin For Sale, consider home schooling.


SIDEBAR: Should you self-publish?


If you want a professional-looking book with a chance of success you’ll need four things: Time, Money, Connections, and Gumption. Traditional publishers have been in the business for a long time and a book contract, despite that many authors accuse them of everything from neglect to abandonment, guarantees a professional process. You’ll have a well-oiled machine behind you so that you can focus on writing and promotion. If you want to replace them you’ll need to:

  1. Hire a load of people if you aren’t a jack-of-all-trades: Editor, copyeditor, jacket designer, interior designer, publicist, marketer, rights salesperson (for foreign and first serial), Web site designer, printer, and distributor (for print books). If you’re publishing nonfiction you might need a lawyer to check for libel and an indexer to create an index, Amikacin For Sale. But buyer beware—these people work for you, so make sure they tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

  2. Verify your account balance and uncap your pen—you’ll be writing a lot of checks.

  3. Buy a Starbucks Card or a Nespresso machine. With the amount of work this will involve, you’ll need your caffeine. Self-publishing is akin to starting your own business.

  4. Do the hustle. Work your friends on Facebook, your followers on Twitter, your old colleagues in the media, your local librarian, and your buddies in the bookstores to spread the word and buy the book.

Good luck.

{Formerly a book editor at Viking/Penguin and Simon & Schuster in New York City, Sarah Baker is now a freelance writer and an independent radio producer. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.}.

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Plavix For Sale

Plavix For Sale, Electronic rights are the chaotic bazaar of book publishing. Here authors barter with agents, agents haggle with publishers, Order Plavix no prescription, and publishers brawl with e-retailers. Everyone is vying for his or her claim on the best pomegranate.

This frenzy, and a barrage of media attention, buy cheap Plavix, has left most people involved feeling confused. Agent Laurie Liss, Plavix dosage, vice president of Sterling Lord Literistic, says, “I have never felt such a divide between publishers and agents as there is now about electronic rights.” And Mark Gompertz, executive vice president of digital publishing at Simon and Schuster, Plavix treatment, acknowledges an “anxiety on the publishing side, too. We’re on the threshold of something new.”

So what should a writer know in a labyrinth of twisting alleys and ad-hoc product stands, Plavix For Sale. Plavix without prescription, Here are some key terms and general guidelines to the unstable warren of the U.S. market.


According to PC Magazine Encyclopedia, an e-book is “the electronic counterpart of a printed book, Plavix from canada, which can be viewed on a desktop computer or a portable device such as a laptop, PDA or e-book reader.”


The Free Dictionary states that an e-reader, Where can i buy cheapest Plavix online, or e-book reader, is “a small, portable device onto which the contents of a book in electronic format can be downloaded and read.” Although there are more then two-dozen different brands of e-reader available, the most popular are Amazon’s Kindle, Plavix cost, Sony’s Reader, and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. Plavix class, Then there’s Apple’s iPad Tablet, which will be available April 3, 2010.

Enhanced e-books

These are e-books with bells and whistles. Plavix For Sale, Think of a DVD—you get the movie plus the option to watch cuts or interviews with the director. An enhanced e-book could include audio, Plavix pictures, a video interview with the author, passages cut from the final text, Where can i buy Plavix online, slide-shows, or illustrations. You might even be able to click on a recipe, or a footnote, Plavix price, that takes you to a full citation. Enhanced e-books are interactive e-books. Purchase Plavix, How big is the e-book market?

Publisher’s Weekly recently reported that “e-book sales from the 13 publishers that report figures to the Association of American Publishers soared 176.6 percent in 2009, to $169.5 million.” The jump in sales increased the e-book’s share of trade sales from 1.2 percent in 2008 to 3.3 percent in 2009. And, five million e-readers sold worldwide in 2009 and an estimated twelve million will be sold in 2010, according to The Wall Street Journal, Plavix For Sale.

Who is the market?

“Most e-book devices were bought by baby boomers (or older) and, mostly, Plavix canada, mexico, india, women,” says Gompertz. Ordering Plavix online, At $259 a pop for a Kindle, or around $500 for the iPad, it’s understandable that they are selling to a more mature market. Peter Miller, Plavix price, coupon, director of publicity at Bloomsbury Books says that these readers are devouring “genre fiction.” In other words, the e-book market so far is most popular for “people who read for guilty pleasure.”

What should I be aware of in my contract?

Get an agent or have a publishing lawyer check over your contract. Plavix trusted pharmacy reviews, “You wouldn’t have your spouse pull your tooth for you,” says agent Wendy Strothman. Plavix For Sale, That isn’t just a plug for her industry; contracts are confusing and if a professional looks at them, you’ll sleep better. Some things to look for in particular:

  1. If you have been previously published, now is the time to check your contract to see if you control e-rights, taking Plavix, says Liss. In other words, Plavix forum, be on top of it.

  2. For new contracts, “publishers will demand e-book rights. “No book publisher will allow e-book rights to be retained by the author,” adds Strothman.

  3. Double-check the reversion of rights clause and insert a minimum number of annual sales for a work to be deemed “in print, buy cheap Plavix no rx,” suggests The Author’s Guild.

  4. Agents and publishers are in battle mode over enhanced e-books and there is no standard yet. A big question is whether they will be classified separately from regular e-books. Many publishers want these rights, but most agents are trying to retain them.

  5. Read the fine print regarding the format of book, Plavix For Sale. Is Plavix addictive, If the publisher is considering publishing straight to e-book, you want to be aware of that.

Don’t rush into anything. The e-book market is uncertain and changing.

What royalties should I expect?

Most publishers (“about 90 percent” according to Liss) are offering rates of 25 percent of net receipts for e-books, Plavix from canadian pharmacy. The Author’s Guild thinks these are low and suggests ways to protect you if industry standards change: First, because the market is changing so quickly, Discount Plavix, don’t lock yourself into a rate. Plavix For Sale, Try to obtain the unconditional right to renegotiate after a period of, say, two years. Second, negotiate for a royalty floor. Insist that your royalty amount for e-books will never fall below the royalty amount for the hardcover edition of your work, Plavix dangers.

Do books ever go straight to e-book?

You can self-publish straight to an e-book. The advantages are obvious: no rejection letters from editors, Plavix from canada, no distribution costs, no royalties to an agent. Plus, you’ll get marketing for you or your business, Plavix For Sale. The disadvantages are that—unless you are a jack-of-all-trades—you must now pay someone to copyedit, proofread, Plavix images, design your cover, market, Buy Plavix online cod, advertise, and publicize. And you don’t have the advice and expertise of editors and designers. There are many sites on-line that offer self-publishing services including and, effects of Plavix. Or you can set up PayPal on your own Web site. Plavix For Sale, Publishers have started publishing a few books straight to e-book. According to Gompertz, Plavix wiki, this is still experimental. Simon & Schuster published a book straight to e-book because it was topical, but then published it as a regular book.

Are there any pitfalls to e-books?

Piracy, Plavix results. It happens. If you are self-publishing and want to make sure that nobody steals your content, copyright every page or install PDF security features, Plavix For Sale. If you are working with a publisher, Buy Plavix without a prescription, check with them about protecting your content.

The other pitfall. Things can go wrong, Orwellian wrong, doses Plavix work, like in 2009 when Amazon removed 1984 from people’s Kindles.

What’s the lowdown on the pricing of e-books?

There’s been a lot of press about e-books, Online buying Plavix, but a little history might help. It all started with Amazon and its Kindle and an e-book price of $9.99.  Amazon and the publishers used a Plavix For Sale, wholesale model, whereby publishers would sell the books to Amazon at about half the list price and then Amazon would set the Kindle price. So, if a book was priced at $24.95, Amazon would pay the publisher $12.50, Plavix duration. But since the online giant was charging $9.99, it was actually losing money ($2.50) on the e-book. Plavix without prescription, It didn’t matter to Amazon because it was making up for it in Kindle sales. In the process, however, consumers got used to paying that lower price, Plavix dosage.

This price started a dispute between Amazon and publishers because, as Mark Gompertz points out, “publishers are against devaluing content.” Two years of disagreement led to Amazon temporarily removing the “buy” button from Macmillan books in January, although they were still offered on the site by third parties, Plavix For Sale. Eventually a resolution was reached; soon an e-book on Amazon will be priced at $12.99 to $14.99.

Then publishers came to a pricing agreement with Apple, Where can i order Plavix without prescription, known as an agency model, for the downloading of e-books on the iPad.  Apple will give publishers 70 percent of the consumer price, which the publishers set. But Apple wants a guarantee from the publishers that no other retailer will sell e-books for less then their iBookstore price, Plavix coupon. Consequently publishers and Amazon are back at the negotiating table. Plavix For Sale, Now, according to The New York Times, Amazon is insisting that publishers sign a three-year contract guaranteeing that no other competitor will get lower prices or better terms.  Mark Gompertz says, “We felt like we were losing ground, but now we have possibility because of competition.”

Next up, Google. Publishers are currently in discussion with the Internet giant over its plans to enter the e-book world. Buy Plavix from canada, Because of the Amazon and Apple discussions, Google is now open to talking about an agency model and to paying publishers 70 percent of each sale, according to Mokoto Rich of The New York Times.

For the moment, fast shipping Plavix, publishers and e-retailers have devised a formula that works. But if e-book sales outpace hardcover sales—or if bookstores can’t compete—the equation might not work. This would mean that publishers aren’t making the money they need to acquire, edit, design, support, and promote books, Plavix For Sale. And, as Jonathan Galassi wrote in The New York Times, “An e-book distributor is not a publisher, but rather a purveyor of work that has already been created.”

So, check regularly. The offerings at this bazaar change daily--new vendors, new products, new prices, and new customers. I’ll do without enhanced pomegranates, though. I like them just the way they are.

{Formerly a book editor at Viking/Penguin and Simon & Schuster in New York City, Sarah Baker is now a freelance writer and an independent producer for Word of Mouth on New Hampshire Public Radio. She lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.}


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A Boston literary doyenne dispenses advice Pristiq For Sale, 1. If you have more than one idea or book you are working on, purchase Pristiq for sale, Where can i cheapest Pristiq online, pick ONE of them to lead off with, and don't mention the others for a while, buy Pristiq from mexico. Online buying Pristiq, (The woods are full of amateurs who have drawers full of unpublished manuscripts.).

2, Pristiq without a prescription. Pristiq interactions, In a bookstore, browse through lots of other books in a similar category, Pristiq from canada, Pristiq dosage, books you admire and think are in the same style as yours.

3, Pristiq For Sale. Look in those books' acknowledgments sections to see if the authors thank their agent; thereby you will accumulate a list of agents who handle this kind of material, order Pristiq from United States pharmacy. Pristiq reviews, 4. Research these agents online to get their addresses, buying Pristiq online over the counter, Buy cheap Pristiq, names, and submission criteria, Pristiq description. Herbal Pristiq, If a website is good, you can also get a feel more broadly for the kind of work the agency represents, order Pristiq online c.o.d. Pristiq For Sale, 5. Where can i order Pristiq without prescription, You can then send a highly professional, crisp query to any number of your selected agents at once, Pristiq street price. Buy cheap Pristiq no rx, However, don't make it look like a blanket submission, online buying Pristiq hcl. Buy Pristiq no prescription, Tailor each query letter to the specific agent; mention if possible other work you admire that the agent represents. If you know one of the agent's authors personally, Pristiq class, Pristiq maximum dosage, get a personal reference. Be sure your query letter gives background on you personally and why you are a credible expert on the subject addressed, Pristiq For Sale. Publishers think of nothing but "platform" these days -- authors who teach in the field at a reputable institution, low dose Pristiq, Pristiq no rx, who run workshops nationally on the subject, who have a popular blog on the subject, my Pristiq experience, Doses Pristiq work, who have already published material on the subject in national media and thus have a pre-existing audience.

6, ordering Pristiq online. Effects of Pristiq, To bypass some extra steps, you can attach to your query an outline or short prospectus of your proposed work, buy Pristiq online cod, Pristiq price, coupon, together with a short sample of the actual prose. (A sample is important, Pristiq used for, Pristiq price, since summaries often don’t make a work sound attractive.)

7. Pristiq For Sale, Keep in mind that an agent is running a business and looking for commercially promising projects. Agents will not be interested in helping you develop your ideas, real brand Pristiq online, Pristiq australia, uk, us, usa, or helping you select good ideas to develop, until you have already proved you can be a solid breadwinner for them, fast shipping Pristiq. Pristiq steet value, You'd do best to arrive with a very clear, professionally presented package, Pristiq results. Where to buy Pristiq, Good agents are overwhelmed with prospects (we get more than 30 submissions a day) and in many cases they don't even have time to answer a query unless it is irresistible.

8, Pristiq natural. Generic Pristiq, Remember, the gods favor the persistent.

—by Jill Kneerim

{Jill Kneerim is the co-founder of Kneerim & Williams, a literary agency in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. Since she is not actively looking for new clients, Kneerim put together this list to help prospective authors find agents who are.}.

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