Know Thy Publications

The landscape for freelance writers

It helps to cast the net wide when you are fishing for fulfilling work. There are all kinds of publishers who need fresh, original writing and are willing to pay for it. Here are some ideas of areas to explore:


  • Books, magazines, newspapers, online news sites (published by media companies)
  • Independent blogs (edited by other journalists and writers)
  • Tech publications (magazines, books, journals)
  • Trade publications (magazines, websites, and journals of professional groups)

Private or specialty publications

  • Museum catalogs, programs for performing arts troupes (ballet/opera/theaters)
  • Newsletters for local organizations (schools, clubs, environmental groups)

Personal writing, essays, and social media

  • Literary journals
  • Websites (Huffington Post, Medium)
  • Opinion articles (in newspapers, on blogs published by others)
  • Your own blog
  • Social media (Facebook, Goodreads, and others where there are no editors)

Corporate and nonprofit writing

  • Newsletters (for companies, arts organizations, etc.)
  • Corporate writing (annual reports, CEO letters)
  • Nonprofit writing (communications, white papers, etc.)
  • Speechwriting (for CEOs and other executives)

Commercial writing

  • Copywriting (i.e., advertising)
  • Tech writing (user manuals, etc.)
  • Retail store catalogs
  • Brochures for businesses and professionals
  • Social media (for companies, where you get paid to do the writing)


  • Grant writing