Writing Classes & Conferences

This is an entirely subjective selection of classes taught either by me or by writers and teachers I respect. I also include writing conferences that I am participating in, or that I think are well worth your time and money. All are listed (more or less) in chronological order, unless one item is especially newsy.


How to survive—and thrive—as a freelance writer or editor

A two-week online workshop led by Constance Hale

UC-Berkeley Extension

March 7 – March 24, 2019 


This online seminar offers inspiration and practical advice to help you design the writing life you want. You examine the changing media landscape and develop strategies to both survive and thrive in it. We'll deepen your understanding of what magazines, newspapers, books and websites look for, and discuss where and how social media and blogging fit in. You also consider how to support dream projects with good work that pays the bills—whether it's tech writing, teaching, ghostwriting or corporate editing. Guests share their unvarnished experiences, and innovative course materials help you define your goals, sharpen your skills and develop a personal strategy. You'll even get feedback on a pitch for a story. The presentations are rich in wisdom, the exercises rigorous but fun. To register, visit the UC-Berkeley Extension site.

2019 Writers Retreat at Camp Mokulē‘ia

 May 5 – 10, on O‘ahu’s North Shore

At this annual retreat, three dozen writers gather at a beachfront sanctuary for five nights and six days of daily workshops, private coaching, evening readings, and writing in the shade of ironwood trees. Instructors include nationally known novelists, poets, and memoirists. Some sessions explore new sides of our creative selves, whether through songwriting, visual storytelling or children’s lit. Instructors include Zoe FitzGerald Carter, Constance Hale, Chris McKinney, Linda Watanabe McFerrin, Meleanna Meyer, Tamara Moan, Craig Santos Perez, and Lynn Young. See another side of Hawai‘i appearances by Hawaiian musicians and cultural excursions to sacred sites. Yoga, swimming, beachcombing, hiking, turtle watching, and unforgettable sunsets all free. The cost varies according to package purchased, with a top rate of of $1,275 that includes lodging, food, workshops, and activities. Day rates start at $350. For information visit the Camp Mokulē‘ia Web site.