I affectionately call this blog “Constant Comment,” which is what my college roommates termed my stream of opinions about all things literary. Years later, when my then-romantic obsession (and now-husband) Bruce Bigelow learned of the pun, he smiled, noting that “Constant Comment is a Bigelow tea.” Here, then, are my constant comments—random musings on the craft, with kudos for brilliant writing and scorn for bonehead errors.

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Betnovate For Sale, I’ve been thinking about point of view. After all, Betnovate from canada, Betnovate online cod, what defines a blog if not point of view. A blog brings you one person’s prejudices, buy cheap Betnovate, Buy Betnovate no prescription, insights, and endless opinions, purchase Betnovate online. Online buying Betnovate, (Of course, the best blogs bring you much more—like new information, buying Betnovate online over the counter, Betnovate pictures, credible reporting, and, Betnovate coupon, No prescription Betnovate online, sometimes, bursts of brilliant writing.)

But a blog often comes alive because of another aspect of point of view, herbal Betnovate, Real brand Betnovate online, the literary aspect. The writer sets this point of view by his or her choice of pronouns—I, Betnovate maximum dosage, Betnovate schedule, we, you, Betnovate samples, Betnovate pics, he, one, Betnovate alternatives, Where can i find Betnovate online,  they. I've pondered what point of view to use here: The soul-bearing I, Betnovate For Sale. The inclusive we, low dose Betnovate, Get Betnovate, which can also verge into the elegant “editorial we” or the arrogant “royal we”. Or the informal you, cheap Betnovate, Betnovate from canadian pharmacy, capable of sliding from authoritative, even bossy, Betnovate from mexico, Betnovate photos, to irreverent and hip.

Joan Didion once wrote about the act of choosing the first person singular point of view:

In many ways writing is the act of saying I, order Betnovate from mexican pharmacy, Buy no prescription Betnovate online, of imposing oneself upon other people, of saying listen to me, Betnovate australia, uk, us, usa, About Betnovate, see it my way, change your mind. It's an aggressive, is Betnovate addictive, Betnovate dose, even a hostile act… There’s no getting around the fact that setting words on paper is the tactic of a secret bully, an invasion, Betnovate over the counter, Betnovate duration, an imposition of the writers sensibility on the readers most private space.

As you see, I’m going for I, Betnovate interactions, Betnovate no prescription, not because I’m a secret bully, but because I want you, buy generic Betnovate, Where can i cheapest Betnovate online, my reader, to know that this is really coming from me, canada, mexico, india. Betnovate trusted pharmacy reviews, This point of view will, I hope, Betnovate street price, Buy Betnovate online no prescription, let me gush about writing, even as the articles on the site may have the much more reasoned third-person perspective of the journalist and critic. Betnovate For Sale, I’ll post more about this soon, but in the meantime, talk to me about point of view. Have you seen blogs that dare to diverge from the first person. Are there journalists who go for something more revealing than the detached third person. Can you think of a nonfiction writer who uses you like the novelist Jay McInerney.

Who out there is playing with point of view.

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