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In a recent post for “Draft Buy Flagyl Without Prescription, ,” the New York Times Opinionator series, I set out to introduce readers to two important categories of verbs: static and dynamic. Herbal Flagyl, Some writers and teachers use the words “passive” and “active” for these categories, but this is confusing, Flagyl alternatives, Is Flagyl addictive, because we also use the words “passive” and “active” when talking about the squishy notion of voice, which I’ll be addressing later in the series, Flagyl used for. Flagyl wiki, What I won’t mention at all in this series—but what some mentioned in the comments after my "Make-or-Break Verbs" post—is a very geeky way of subdividing dynamic verbs into two other categories: stative and nonstative. I go into detail on this in Vex, what is Flagyl, Where can i find Flagyl online, Hex, Smash, online buy Flagyl without a prescription, Flagyl pictures, Smooch: Let Verbs Power Your Writing, but if you don’t want to wait until October, Flagyl use, Flagyl duration, when the book comes out, here’s the (brief) lowdown:

Surprise, is Flagyl safe. Flagyl description, Stative verbs—which are sometimes called "state verbs"—describe states: mental states, physical sensations, Flagyl steet value, Where can i cheapest Flagyl online, habits, eternal truths, Flagyl canada, mexico, india, Flagyl online cod, or conditions. By contrast, nonstative verbs describe happenings or events with beginnings and ends, Buy Flagyl Without Prescription.

Stative verbs have no foreseeable endpoint, Flagyl street price. Australia, uk, us, usa, Because we can only use verbs in the progressive tense if they describe events or actions, stative verbs cannot be used in these tenses, Flagyl images, My Flagyl experience, which describe an action while it’s happening. You can say, Flagyl dosage, Effects of Flagyl, I was watering the Venus fly traps, but you cannot say I was knowing Darlene for the past ten years, online Flagyl without a prescription. Flagyl natural, Get the difference.

Here’s a cheatsheet to help you identify stative verbs (not that I can think of why you would ever have to do that):

  • For mental states: exist, real brand Flagyl online, Buy Flagyl no prescription, want, feel, where can i buy cheapest Flagyl online, Flagyl price, think, like, doses Flagyl work, Flagyl from canadian pharmacy, dislike, agree, after Flagyl, Online buying Flagyl hcl, believe, doubt, buy Flagyl without a prescription, Kjøpe Flagyl på nett, köpa Flagyl online, seem, know, Flagyl price, coupon, Order Flagyl online overnight delivery no prescription, imagine, remember, Flagyl class, Flagyl recreational, mind, prefer, purchase Flagyl for sale, need, understand, wish, depend, possess, have, own, promise, suppose, impress, matter, mean, surprise.

  • For physical sensations: see, hear, smell, taste, sound, look, appear.

  • For eternal truths or statements that are timeless: concern, consist, contain, fit, include, involve, measure, weigh, make (numbers), move (the earth), share (geographic borders).

  • For habits, usually expressed in phrases: “I like reading westerns”; “I don’t eat meat or dairy.”

I told you it was geeky. Now you probably understand why I am avoiding this subject in the “Draft” series.

(And here's a shout-out to poet Ava Sayaka Rosen, who researched stative verbs and helped me write this post.).

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